Had a crisis of confidence this morning. Weather was gray, so I spent almost all morning seeking out sun inland. I found sun, but nothing inspiring to paint. It’s days like these–especially during a competition–that I start to feel a slow panic.

Luckily, I headed back into town to keep trying. Searching out color, I found this old house with lots of character. The owner of Linnaea’s Cafe stopped by to chat. She told me the house is owned by perhaps San Luis Obispo’s oldest (retired) postman. His son lives next door.

The Old Postman's House

The Old Postman’s House – Oil on Linen – 8×10″

I’m happy with this–and confidence is restored. At least for the next few hours 🙂

5 thoughts on “SLO Plein Air, Day 2

  1. 🙂 When it keeps on raining and being grey… get those dark wet colours Ed!. the intensity… the drama…like silver wet sand -dark and shining at the same time….don’t think about sunshine.. paint! You’ll do fine!

  2. Gosh Ed – I know the feelling. Well maybe not in a competitive sense but definitely in the ‘I’ve only got a limited amount of time’ sense. Glad to see things maybe turning the corner?

    Have you tried the nice shopfronts in town along the main street? I really liked the trees along that street but I guess they look better with sunshine and shadows.

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