I’d planned on a weekend of painting in Carmel, but, the weatherman lied again. Instead of sun, fog. I did get one afternoon in the day I arrived. The second day, while I was waiting for the fog to clear, I stopped by Robert Lewis Gallery. I first met Robert at Eriksen Gallery (the first to carry my work) and then again at San Luis Obispo Plein Air last year. He has a gallery of his own in Pacific Grove. Nice guy. We had a chat about art as a second career. Turns out we’d both been at Apple Computer around the same time (he was at Claris on the Filemaker team).

He ended up asking me to show at his gallery for a bit, starting April 13 (Friday the 13th, no less). Having just delivered a dozen paintings to Kumquat Art & Home, I’m a little short, so I plan on painting like a mad man the next few weeks! I finished a nice large one today that I’ll post tomorrow. I have photos of the work in progress, so it makes a good demo. Most of the work I can commit to the show currently are on the small side, so I’ll be painting 16×20 and larger to have a variety.

The painting above, “Hillside Oaks” (Oil on Linen, 12×16) will be in the show. I’ll blog about the details as the solidify. Hope to see you at the opening! You can more Friday, April 13th for now.


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