I will be joining the Verde Artist Guild for this paint-out next weekend. If you’re a collector, this is a good opportunity to watch artists at work, and to discover new talent.
March 19 (Sunday)

Please join the Verde Artists for a paint out on March 19 in Palo Alto on Stanford’s campus at Arboretum and Lasuen roads. That is near Arboretum and Quarry Roads. There are eucalyptus and oak trees in a park like setting. We’ll meet at 9am, with a lunch break. At the break, you’re welcome to either bring paintings to share/critique, or share your painting from the morning. Many of us continue to paint through the afternoon as well, but no guarantees.

Eucalyptus (Stanford University)
by Ed Terpening

  • From 280 take the Sand Hill exit east. Turn right at Arboretum (Stanford Shopping Plaza) and right on Lasuen Road.
  • From 101 take the Embarcadero exit west, turn right on Arboretum and left on Lasuen Road.

Remember, you can call your own paint-out, just let us know

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