Fellow art blogger Katherine Tyrrel (“Making a Mark”) is planning a trip to California, and asked me about painting locations.  I started putting together a list (spots from San Mateo County to Los Angeles County) and realized what a great blog post it would make!  So, the project is snowballing a bit into something that everyone can contribute to (through Comments).  I’m including maps, with instructions to get to my favorite spots, as well as some sample paintings I’ve done at those spots.

This project screams to be a “mashup”, and I actually wrote a spec for such a thing quite some time ago, but alas, painting comes first!  By “mashup“, in this case I mean a “Web 2.0” application that would layer Google Maps with blogging.  I would love the ability for artists to identify a spot on a map, and create a blog post with comments about the spot.  A “Location Blog”, or LocBlog.  Wouldn’t that be great?  There was one application out of Spain that did something like this, but it was focused on photography.  They liked the fact that I expanded it to art.  Can’t recall the name of the site, if you know, let me know.

Here’s a sample of what I’m putting together:


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