Wow. I just finished a three-day workshop in Los Olivos with the great Ted Goerschner! I’ve always admired his work, but found that after years of teaching many of our countries best artists, he was no longer teaching. That changed when I read an ad in PleinAir Magazine, announing his first workship in years. I called the same day, and one of the classes was already sold out (both sold out quickly).And now I know why. When you watch a master like Ted, it really is like magic, but unlike magicians, he is completely open about telling you everything he’s thinking and doing. During the three day workshop, he demonstrated two large studio paintings (on the left) from blank canvas to finish. He was incredibly generous with his time and advice.I learned most about composition from Ted. His focus on that, and years of experience is really remarkable. If you get the chance to study with him, go for it, but if you can’t, buy his book.Related Links

12 thoughts on “Ted Goerschner Workshop

  1. Please ask Ted to email me. We worked together in Point Pleasant, NJ in the 60s.

    I’m retired now (in Florida) and painting again. Would like to “talk” to Ted about the days at the Shore and his terrific work.

    Carl Heineck

  2. betty wentworth says:

    please ,please, please let me know if there are any workshop experiences available!I will go anywhere anytime to take from Ted.

  3. Duane Peterson says:

    I purchased Ted’s book. Went out and bought luan board to paint on.
    The board warped. Any suggestions how to keep this from happening?

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