One last painting today, and my art supplies are on their way home. I turned in “Alta Lakes #2” as my personal best for judging. I do think it was my best work, but it was small (8×10), turns out the smallest one there! Judges like larger work, I learned that at San Luis Obispo last year, and I’ve observed this bias in previous shows. I probably should have entered either “Telluride Gondola” or “Fir Street, Telluride“, both 12×16” paintings. When you’re judging work via this blog, I have them all scaled to the same size, so you don’t get the impact a larger painting has.
This bridge and creek are just behind my hotel. I stood in the shade under another nearby bridge to paint it.

Bridge, Telluride – Oil on Linen – 12×16 (AVAILABLE)

4 thoughts on “Telluride Plein Air, Day 6

  1. Ed, that is indeed a nice painting. Wishing you the best of luck. You worked hard and painted soooo much. Congratulations and thanks again for taking us along. We have “experience” for a paint out sometime!

  2. What a week of wonderful paintings…Good Luck!
    …And a good painting is a good painting no matter what size!
    (Maybe it’s easier to jury a larger piece?)
    Thanks for sharing your experience with everyone online, it is incredibly generous of you!

  3. Thanks everyone for your support! Yesterday’s sale was a bust–but it was a weekday (July 3rd), so no one was out. Today is July 4th, and there’s a big parade in town. So, I’m hoping to sell today. I don’t want to have to ship 10 paintings home! Cheers!

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