This the second of two plein air studies I did at the Miller’s Memorial Day weekend at Alta Lake.  As I said, the color used to paint the barn and the wooden patio tables was the same, so there’s a color harmony between the two studies (see the still life in the study posted yesterday).

The roof bothers me in this composition…perhaps I should have shortened it, and had it angle open from left to right, showing more background trees?  Maybe I’ll paint over this one and try some things.  That’s one nice thing about these plein air studies, they can be great starting points for other ideas and works.  Once you capture the basic colors/values of a scene, you can play with other compositional ideas.

The Miller’s Stable – Oil on Linen – 8×10

3 thoughts on “The Miller’s Stable

  1. Lorie Carrillo says:

    I got to view all your painting’s at work today, you have been very busy. I love them all. Hope you have a great trip to Nebraska im not able to make it. Mando had surgery on Fri for hernia repair he’s doing pretty good just a little sore. Say Hi to Mike for me, Lorie

  2. Ahh – those pesky red barns… i like the wonkiness (bet it was hard work trying not to straighten it up in the painting…. do one with the roof line visible ? bet that’s as wonky as anything) — Paint on!

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