Today, publisher Eric Rhoads and Editor M. Stephen Doherty announced the return of PleinAir magazine.  From their website:

“Artists, Collectors, Suppliers, Schools, and Dealers have been asking for the return of Plein Air magazine since it was converted to Fine Art Connoisseur magazine in 2006. Now it is back with the same respected publisher, B. Eric Rhoads, and a veteran editor, M. Stephen Doherty.”

I’m also happy to say I will have an role in this rebirth, serving on their Advisory Board. I’ve already sent Stephen a list of artists I hope to read about in the magazine, with a slant towards the unknowns, and those better known outside the United States. I’d love to hear your thoughts about who you’d like to read aboutplease take a moment to enter a comment.

I like the annual subscription options, you can subscribe to print only ($29.96); digital only ($19.95) or both ($34.95).  And there’s good reason to act quickly:

“Place your advance subscription today and receive our special digital edition of “The Best of the Original Plein Air Magazine.” We’ve taken the best articles from our past magazines and packaged them into a wonderful digital magazine. This offer expires January 10, 2011.”


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