Here’s another studio painting, done from a reference photo from one of my favorite spots to paint, Point Lobos. I have next week off, so will (if the weather stays clear) paint there a few days. I wish they allowed dogs! I’ll either have to leave Gracie in the car, or leaver her at home ­čÖü

The Sea from Point Lobos – Oil on Linen – 10×8


UPDATE 5/23/08: As Brian requested, here’s the reference photo:

4 thoughts on “The Sea, From Point Lobos

  1. Beautiful Ed! I love the transition in the sky color, the soft lavender on the rocks and the strong red in the foreground. But then your color work is always very good.

    Enjoy Point Lobos. My husband and I went there during our honeymoon 5 years ago and we were blown away by its beauty. I’d love to go back there with my easel.

    You’ll be posting the paintings you do there, right? I’m looking forward to seeing them.

  2. Thanks, VanDerHoekArt. I think I will try and post while I’m there daily, but painting is my first priority of course, so we’ll see. I’ll certainly post everything when I get back.

    Although, sometimes I “freeze up” painting such awestruck locations. I haven’t tried yet, but I’ve heard it’s really difficult (for example) to paint The Grand Canyon. Oh well, don’t want to freak myself out!


  3. Hi Ed, I really like this. I’ve been watching your blog a lot and really enjoy your paintings. They’ve inspired a few of my own. I’m wondering if you would be so kind as to post the photo you used for this one?

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