Over the coming months I plan to launch a series of posts that expose what I consider my top 10 observations as a plein air painter. Many of these apply across mediums and I’m sure you’ve seen many in one form other the other in books, workshops or other sources. These represent my take on these topics, offered to give you another perspective. I also find that I probably read everything I ever needed to know about painting in the first book I bought, but it’s true that you’re not always ready to truly understand and apply them. Reading and learning are not the same. These represent learning, but they’re by no means the end! You should chime in with your take using the comments mechanism of each post.

I’ve set up a new category, “Top Observations” for this series. Even after I publish the last one of 10, I know that I’ll update from time to time as this should be a living book. I hope you’ll participate in it by added your perspective.



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