Here’s the second of the two studies I painted Saturday at Crystal Springs. I’m happy with the subtle colors of the background hills–in particular the variation between trees in shado (violet) and those in sun (orange-violet). I played around with the shadows cast by the trees on the foreground hill quite a bit. Do you think it reads well as a cast shadow?

Crystal Springs Sun – Oil on Linen – 11×14″

2 thoughts on “Crystal Springs in Sun #2

  1. Ed….Just beautiful……you have really captured and energized the light and the shadows. I am really struggling right now with a painting of trees (about high noon) casting hadows on pavement. Really interesting reading about how you used an orange underpainting for the sky. You are such a beautiful colorist!

    I wish they woud re-print Gruppe’s books! I was lucky enough to pick up one of his books….”Brushwork: A Guide To Expressive Brushwork for Oil Painting” and am still hoping to find more……….but they are realllllllly pricy!

    BTW….how are you enjoying your new larger Open Box-M???? I have been looking at it for sometime….but have not comitted to it yet! Still trying to justify it….since I already have a Soltek.

    Thank you so much for sharing your painting experiences, influences, and your painting process.


  2. >Do you think it reads well as a cast shadow?

    Looks kind of like a stone wall or cliff side. Looks vertical. Too warm maybe..?

    That is a nice figure above this post. I enjoy your work.

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