Here’s my latest painting demo for my upcoming solo show at Robert Lewis Gallery (click here for the other of Secluded Cove). Click here to view paintings in the show. Enjoy!

Click the image below to visit my .Mac page, then click the play button.

3 thoughts on “Blackwood Canyon Demo

  1. Bart Westgeest says:

    Nice to see your demo Ed! Interesting to see the order of things. I cant stop myself from starting with the sky and background even though I must watch the overall colour balance well then.
    It looks already impressive to see the virtual paintings on the page you dedicated for the show. Good luck with further preparations!

  2. Thanks, all. I think the demos are a fun addition to my site. I’ve recently come up with a template for this, so I may do more. Could be particularly interested to do at the week-long plein air events I do.

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