Got up Saturday to a picture perfect morning, so I rode out to La Canada Road and Crystal Springs to find a spot to paint. This scene shows me facing the sun (not easy to paint in that light). I’ve always likes the effect of backlighting. I think I’ll bring this to the Vault Gallery pre-show for the May 5 reception of Gold Country Plein Air (unless someone reading this blog wants to snap it up!).

Morning Backlight

Morning Backlight – Oil on Linen – 11×14

5 thoughts on “Morning, backlight

  1. Hello Ed,
    I admire your work very much and appreciate your posting your personal painting journey online. I am very interested in Camille Przewodek’s work and found her through your blog. I wondered if you could tell me if you felt her workshop helped you with with value and color a great deal? Are you able to use what she teaches?

    I would be grateful for your respose to this inquiry.
    Cheryl Keefer

  2. Cheryl – I think she’s great at teaching color, one of the best. Value goes with color, and she has techniques for determing relative value. I can highly recommend her. Another person to consider is Ovanes Berberian. Although his work is stunning, I don’t know if he’s quite as verbal/descriptive of his process as Camille is. Nevertheless, he’s a great teacher. I’m taking my second annual workshop with him this June in Idaho.

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