Today’s a big day! Stephen Doherty’s 8-page article about me in American Artist arrived in the mail to subscribers today. My painting, “Secluded Cove” is featured on the cover, along with several other works inside.  The focus of article is my experience in social media (eg, Facebook, YouTube, etc) and this blog. After 390 posts and 1,414 reader comments, it’s your participation that has made this possible!  I’ve really enjoyed your feedback, and the opportunity to learn from you by reading your own blogs.

Thank you!


Update: The article is now available online. Click here.

25 thoughts on “American Artist Cover

  1. Congratulations and well done Ed – and that definitely makes you my feature artist of the week on Sunday in ‘who’s made a mark this week’! I look forward to seeing the article

  2. It was so cool today when my copy came in the mail. I looked at that and said… HEY….. I know that guy!!
    (Well I don’t really know you, but I’ve been following you blog, so I feel like I sorta know you.)
    CONGRATULATIONS…. Well deserved.

    Now I’m gonna sit down and drool over the pages.

  3. Congratulations Ed! You’ve put a lot of effort into your blog and web site, and it’s paying back. I always enjoy reading your blog and have learned a lot.

  4. I read this and enjoyed your comments on painting and the internet…but it blew me away when I read that you do all this and also hold a job in the business world. I guess you never sleep:)

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