I had fun with this one!  Got to paint with transparent darks (in the shadowed rocks and dark water) and calligraphic brushstrokes; rocks, ice plant, water–all favorite subjects!  And, there is a video!  However, I’m out of town this week, and don’t have my regular MacBook, so the video will have to wait until this upcoming weekend when I get home. Check back then and see this painting being developed start to finish.

Near Garrapata State Park CA

Near Garrapata State Park, Oil on Linen, 11×14


This painting is titled “near” Garrapata State Park, because I’m not 100% sure of exactly where it is. I actually think the reference photo is between Garrapata and Point Lobos. I’m itching to get back out there to paint plein air.  I have the end of next week off, so–if the weather cooperates–I’ll paint for a couple days. If I do, and you’re a painter and want to join me, I’ll update my Twitter feed, so do subscribe.

7 thoughts on “Near Garrapata State Park

  1. Ed I saw your work in and on the cover of American Artist magazine! Bravo, beautiful work and so very inspiring. I live on the east coast in the Hudson Valley, where the Hudson River School originated. Looking forward to getting outside in the early spring with a new plein air group that’s formed in my area. Anyway, just thought I’d connect. Wrote about you on my blog: http://www.musingsbygm.blogspot.com

  2. Ed, Thanks for the video. Nice to look over your shoulder and see how you create your magic. Finally got a chance to see the American Artist story. Congratulations on that! Lots of helpful information.

  3. Barbara Maxson says:

    Ed – I really loved taking this course too. It was exciting to watch what you did and the whole tone of the class was so very supportive. I had a wonderful experience. I would take this class again. There was just not enough time.

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