I was able to complete two paintings yesterday at Rodeo Beach, a new favorite painting spot in Marin County.  I’m going out again today with Brent Jensen. The weather is even better than yesterday!  Sorry to those artists reading this in the cold in the rest of country 🙁

Bird Rock, Oil on Linen, 8×10

Towards Rodeo Beach, Oil on Linen, 9×12


4 thoughts on “Another day at Rodeo Beach

  1. Apology accepted I’m kidding, but it is extremely cold lately in Maine and I’m jealous. I like these pieces especially the top one, they are subtle but great color variation.

  2. Hi Ed…
    Aren’t we just sooooooo lucky??? Love that first one!! The dark/light pattern makes it very striking!! Did you do Barry John Raybould’s NOTAN courses??

    I just got my new EasyL box and I’m going to try to inaugurate it tomorrow before the weather changes on Thursday. But no matter… Even a little rain is better than back East. Can you imagine those ice storms??? Aarrghh!!

  3. Hi Marian — I did study with Barry when he lived here in the Bay Area, and learned that Notan technique from him. To be honest, I don’t use it much now. I guess I draw the notan first in my head. It’s a really good exercise, though. I should probably do them again.

  4. really enjoy your coastal scenes ed
    especially love the play between light and shadows
    and they even feel warm
    a welcom relief from our weather lately

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