The weather in the Bay Area continues to be fantastic, although with all sunshine and no rain, we’ll pay for it this summer with drought.  I was able to meet John Deckert (here’s his post for the day), who–as a local–was able to find me in this out of the way spot.  Brent Jensen wasn’t able to find us, so I hope to catch up and paint with him and visiting artist Jane Fulton this weekend sometime. If anyone wants to join us, check my Twitter feed for our locations.

As for painting, my first was a scaper, although John liked it, so perhaps I shouldn’t have been so hasty!  I threw out my usual rule that I wait a day before scraping off a bad painting.  I was able to get this one done, which I’m happy with.  It’s got some nice, large, simple shapes, which always make for a great study and strong design.  This is my third small study from this location (see 1 & 2), so maybe I’ll scale up next time.  Let me know which you prefer, as they’re all quite different.

 Bird Rock 2 – Oil on Linen – 8×10″



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