I love painting in Blackwood Canyon, just outside of Tahoe City. Andy Skaff and I paint there together when I visit. I completed this work for my solo show (opening April 13 in Pacific Grove). I took photos at interim stages, so hope to make it into a video as I did the “Secluded Cove” painting. I’m thinking of having both videos run on a loop at the show as I think collectors would be interested in seeing paintings develop. Then again, they’ll get to see them in the “ugly stages”!

Autumn in Blackwood Canyon – Oil on Linen – 16×20

6 thoughts on “Autumn in Blackwood Canyon

  1. Wonderful painting. I’m drawn especially the play between the forground and the red(ish) bush. Love this!

    By the way, I think running a video of your process is a great idea. Best of luck with the show.

  2. Ed..”Autumn In Blackwood Canyon” is a gem and one of my new favorites of yours. Very effective greying of the fall colors and nice to see them not, ‘jumping off the canvas’ and into the viewers face… ­čÖé

    All the best with the upcoming show. I am sure it will be a success.


  3. Thanks, Framk, for your comment. I really admire your work.

    Thanks for recognizing the fact I grayed the Fall colors. It is so easy to go overboard and use Cad Yellow straight from the tube. Ovanes Berberian had a great lesson for me: while painting a studio painting, he’d been saving his paint into various piles of warm and cool “muds”. To show the power of grays, he dropped a bit of pure color on each. Wow! Each color just sang against the gray backdrop.

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