I finally have all my work ready for my solo show at Robert Lewis Gallery! It opens Friday, April 13th. Hope to see you there (click here to view paintings that will be in the show).
My next show is a group event at The Vault Gallery in Sonora, “Gold Country Plein Air“. I need to have a couple of pieces ready for the “pre-show”, so painted this one.

“Golden Hour” – Oil on Linen – 8×6″

4 thoughts on “Getting Ready for The Vault

  1. Hi Ed Terpening,
    I just came along your blog and find it quite interresting.
    I’m doing some landscape paintings too and I’m just about to read all your post about color theory and 5 Tones/Grayscale stuff ?
    I already put u to my favorites but would like to hear some proper kritics to my work im doing 🙂


    I got the blog in WP too.

  2. Ed-

    You already know I’m a big fan of your work but I have to say this painting is one of my favorites. I love the brush work in this one. I need to learn this, I tend to wring my brush out – Great work!

  3. I sent your newsletter e-mail on to various friends and suggested you’d just raised the bar in terms of quality of content and presentation – and they all want to know how you did it!

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