I took snap shots of this painting in progress, and stitched them together to make a YouTube video (using iPhoto and iMovie).  These are  useful to others interested in my process, but they’re also good reference for me. I often times over-work a painting. I think perhaps it may have made sense to stop this one about 3/4 of the way through. What do you think?


“Backlit Tree (Stowe Lake)”, Oil on Linen, 10×12″


And here’s the YouTube demo:

8 thoughts on ““Backlit Tree (Stowe Lake)” Video Demo

  1. Hey Ed, I agree with MCJ, but a lively piece that breathes and is easy on the eyes. I saw your painting on the Classic oils website are you useing them?(I like that painting on there alot) I have a bunch of questions about them that I would live to ask someone that is not selling them. but I will keep it to one, what other paint brand would you compare them to as far as working properties? Thanks Ed, and please e-mail me if you want, Dan

  2. @Dan, yes, I use Classic Artist Oils (by Triangle Coatings) almost exclusively. I add to their colors a couple of specialized paints, like Gamblin Quick Dry White and Alizarin Permanent and Windsor/Newton Mauve (Blue Shade).

    In terms of working properties: these oils have slightly more oil (but just as mush pigment, I feel) as other brands. I like that–perhaps because I’ve become accustomed to them–because I like to grab a lot of paint, and not fit with a sticky mound. Some of the W/N paints, for example, dry out really quickly, so they get sticky on the palette. You’ll also find that Classic is used by many, many great painters, including Ovanes Berberian, Ken Auster, Randy Sexton, etc. Probably the main reason I use them? Cost! When you buy the large 10oz caulking gun tubes, you save a ton of money. I think I calculated that I spend at least 2/3 less on paint, than if I’d used Windsor/Newton, for example.

    Hope this helps!

  3. For what it’s worth, I’ve been using these paints for about 5 months and really like them. They have a slightly “different” odor I’ve noticed. But I love the 10 oz. tubes!

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