I’ve painted the same spoten plein air” several times, so I’ve now begun to tackle some larger paintings in the studio. This isn’t essential, but I think it helps.

Bird Rock from Rodeo Beach, Oil on Linen, 12×16


I took snap shots of the painting in progress to show you my start-to-finish process. I’ve noticed now that YouTube has an “Annotations” feature. As the video plays, faint shapes will appear on the video. You can click those shapes to read my notes. Interesting. Try it and let me know what you think of it.

3 thoughts on “Bird Rock from Rodeo Beach

  1. A wondrous progression from beginning, which looks so vague, to the luminous finished painting.
    And a great addition of the ” thought ” boxes in the video. It shows how you assess as you go and the difference that critical eye makes in the finished piece.
    I’ve viewed your work for a long time and admire it- always. Your color use is often unexpected and works so well.
    Very inspiring.

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