Follow artist blogger Elio Camacho is offering workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area. The workshops are 5 hours a day, one day per week (either Saturday or Sunday), spread out over 8 weeks. I think this is smart. Spreading out the days like this allows you to work on advice he’ll give before the next week. From his site:

Morning Tuition is $350.00 for 8 weeks 9 am to 2:00 (5 Hours) pm each Saturday or Sunday. Each class will start with a demonstration, followed by individual instruction at each student’s easel.

Evening Tuition is $250.00 for 8 weeks from (2:00-3:00 critique the previous weeks evening works) we will paint from 3:00pm till just after sunset. This class is great for students wanting to learn to mix paint quickly and catch the fleeing light. During this class I will set up with students and paint the landscape alongside them. Students are encouraged to paint but can also sit back and watch as I handle the challenge of painting the rapidly changing light. This class will NOT be as hands on morning sessions.

You can sign-up or inquire using this form on this site.


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