Today wasn’t terribly productive as I’m starting to wear out. I did one scraper because I started too early in the morning and the light chnaged too quickly to finish. At least I got two stages done. Probably could have finished it the next day, but I rarely do that (short attention span 🙂 Click here to see stage one, and here to see stage two of this unfinished, scraped study.

I’m much happier with my second effort, which Ovanes helped with towards the end. Here’s part of the initial blockin. I kept the colors in the approximate value range and kept the color “articulate”…that is, not muddy, easily read as a green, red or a certain mixture…At this stage I did some warm/cool variation for each object, but generally kept that towards the end.

Still Life Stage 1

Here’s the painting at the next stage, some block-in color, and I’m starting to add some warm/cool color combinations. As you can see, I removed the green tin on the right (see original drawing above) as I felt it distracted from the composition and I wanted to keep things simple. Ovanes will often stress constantly, create warm/cool variations of color to create a nice vibration for the eye. He said this is the main thing he learned from master Serge Bongart.

Still Life Stage 2

This is the finished study. Ovanes really liked the colors in the top middle ( red flower and the colors behind it). He advised that I simplify the background (which I did) as well as the lower left red flower. I’m happy with the sense of light in this painting, in particular the far right flowers and the warm/cool colors in the vase in shadow. I may add some bits of light to some of the flowers, as I like the sharp bit of light on the far right yellow flower.

Finished still life
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