Tonight….was one of the best, ever. I won First Place at the San Luis Obispo Plein Air 2006!


The SLO Art Center held a special reception tonight for collectors, a preview before the show officially opens tomorrow. Awards were announced. There are so many great artists at this show that I admire, like Terri Ford, Brent Jensen, Jeanette LeGrue, Elizabeth Tolley and William Wray. I never expected to hear my name–I was honored to even be there!

Two awards were announced. As they were, musuem staff brought the winning paintings off the wall to the anouncing judge so he could talk about it. I wasn’t paying too much attention until the judge said he didn’t have far to walk for the next award. He was standing in front of my paintings! Then they announced my name. Yikes! I thought I won third place–again, I wasn’t really paying attention. When I got the envelop (with a check, yah!) the envelop said 1st Place. I’ve never won first…Director’s Purchase Prize at the last show, but not first.

The judge was a local collector and new the area well. He’d said how well I’d captured the area and the weather of the week (intermittent rain/sun). I believe he said he like the clouds…I don’t know…I was in a daze.

My friend from Estes Park, Scott Lloyd Andersen, won “Best of Show”. A great painting of Conner’s Cove. We actually had dinner Tuesday night, to share what we’d done so far and offer critiques/advice. Ever painting he showed was perfect–there was little I could add. For his winning painting, I did suggest softening one edge, but that’s it. He’s trying to get into galleries in California through these local events and after his win, I’m sure he’s on his way.

Thanks again to my regular blog readers for your help in selecting the top paintings for the show! I received 11 comments the first day of the post!

Tomorrow is the “QuickDraw”, a 2 hour painting competition in the area around the San Luis Obispo Mission. This morning, I walked around, did some sketches and took photos at the same time as the competition (9:30AM). I think I’m going to paint one of the two scenes below. Wish me luck!

SLO History Museum….Look at the tree reflected in the window! I thin I’ll paint this one.

SLO White House & Fire Hydrant

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