I may paint something tomorrow morning (or tonight), but this is likely the group of paintings I have to choose from for the show. I need to select the top 3 for jurrying, and up to an additional three as replacements (after sales). I got some great advice for the last show, so hoping to get your feedback now. What do you think? Any not in the top three that should be?

Here’s the order I have right now. The first three are key. Thanks for your help!

Top 3 For Jury

The Old Postman's House

The Old Postman’s House – Oil on Linen – 8×10?


Marsh – Oil on Linen – 16×20?

Dover in San Luis Obispo

Backup Paintings

SLO Morning

SLO Morning – Oil on Linen – 11×14?

Porthole Cove

Porthole Cove – Oil on Linen – 12×16

On the Marsh

Natural steps

Nature’s Steps – Oil on Canvas – 6×8

12 thoughts on “Pick the top 3 paintings

  1. I was really on the fence for SLO Morning. It’s a nice fresh piece. I think I may need to keep Marsh, however, since its my largest piece and judges tend to favor those. I could replace out “Dover in San Luis”… This is hard!

  2. Cara Dawn Romero says:

    Isn’t it funny how everyone’s taste is different? My top three favorites are “Marsh”, “Dover in San Luis” and “On the Marsh”. In fact, “On the Marsh” is actually my favorite. Good luck!

  3. Bart Westgeest says:

    I find Nature’s steps and Porthole Cove interesting, but for the jury I think you picked the right ones.
    Indeed.. Good Luck!

  4. I like Natures Steps a lot; it looks like this one came together easy for you. ‘Dover’ is a good pick but I seem to like it better with the top quarter cropped off.

  5. Add my vote for SLO morning -I really like this piece. The sky is stunning.

    I’d swap it in instead of Old Postman House. While it is nicely done there isn’t much there that really captures me. It seems more run of the mill than your fabulous landscapes.

  6. I’ve been following the blog for sometime and so excited to see your work in SLO this weekend! I am from that area and my parents have retired at the top of the hill above Pismo Beach. Anyway, I love the Old Postman’s House (I know that house!) and I also love the richness and warm of On the Marsh. They’re all great…so hard to choose! Good luck!
    -Kathie Walker

  7. Hi Ed:

    Have you thought about taking a trip out Los Osos Valley Rd to Foothill. Alex Madonna has an old ranch out there on Foothill Avenue (south side). I love your Buelton Farm House piece and was thinking something along those lines. There’s also always Bishops Peak which is a favorite spot in SLO. You may get a good vantage on Foothill Rd coming from Los Osos Valley Road, before you get into town. Good luck!
    -Kathie Walker

  8. I agree with Cara above, I too like the Marsh series of paintings. Not really feeling SLO, but the Dover one is nice. Myabe it’s the subject matter for Postman’s House that’s keeping me from liking it. I’d much rather see the other Marsh or even SLO in its place. My fav is “Marsh” if i had to pick just one.

  9. Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for your feedback. I ended up swaping out “The Postman’s Hosue” for “SLO Morning”, based on your input and from artists checking in their paintings today.

    What a mad rush! I spent the morning putting finishing touches on my final five, and dropped one on my pants right in front of the Art Center. Yikes! I got a brush and fixed the painting…it will need a few more fixes when I get home, unless it sells.

    I’m off to dinner tonight with Brent Jensen from the OC. Cheers!

  10. Hi Ed,

    Hey, we bought “Dover in San Luis” at the SLO Festival over the weekend. We enjoyed the festivities Friday and Saturday, but wish we had met you. After coming home, I checked you out on line and found this cool blog. I loved reading about the sequence of events over the course of the week and the history of the painting. I only hope that ours wasn’t the one that was dropped and needed repair. I also really liked the “Old Postman’s House.” However, we went a little crazy and bought a few others over the event. Loved your work and maybe we’ll meet you next time.


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