I usually try to put too much into my paintings. Simplifying my compositions is a focus, as well as taking my time getting color/value/temperature relationships just right.

I was reminded of how powerful simplicity could be after visiting Bart Westgeest’s blog “I Landscape” the other day and his post “2 x Blue“, a wonderful study in restraint.

Today’s painting is the result. It’s small, simply (yes, I did get a bit “dabby”), but I’m happy with the color and value relationships.

Peninsula Hillside

Peninsula Hillside – Oil on Linen – 6×8″

1 thought on “Focus on color

  1. The simplicity is quite effective — and the composition is intersting. I almost feel a little unbalanced, as if I were tubling down teh hillside, gazing at those trees. Will check out the links you mentioned. Thanks!

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