I’m not going to write a lot of thoughts tonight about this day and workshop as I would like to absorb more lessons and “boil it down” effectively. For now, I hope these picutres are helpful.

Gay began be demonstrating her palette:


Here’s her demo at the drawing stage. She began with a light violet wash.


Gay started with larger dark areas, then went from object to object, completing both light and shade planes, keeping things flat at this point.

She kept her values in a relatively close range, mid-value at this point, but again worked every object close to completion.


Notice the texture she’s building, even at this early stage. Really interesting brush strokes and direction.

Here’s the final demo.

Here’s my study for the day. As I compare my work to hers, clearly I don’t have enough sophisticated grays. I need to work on this. She did like my color and brushwork, but felt I took the painting too far, eg, I had it more abstract before this, and then wrapped the apples in dark strokes to better define them. Should have left them as is. How many artists does it take to finish a painting? One to paint, another to tell them when to stop. ­čÖé


Red Reflections – Oil on Linen – 8×10 – SOLD


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