Gay painted the demo below, then we spent the day painting small studies (about 30 minutes each).

Gay started with the basic drawing:


Started with darks, and as usualy takes each object to relative completion.


More objects:






The finished study:

This one is mine, I painted a section of the same still life set up.

Another of my 4 studies today. I’m happy with the watermelon color, but had problems with the drawing of the brass pot behind…It meets the slice of melon in an awkward way.

A blah study for me. Nothing reallying happening. I struggled with the cup.

My last study of the day. I’m happy with the color harmony here. Exhausing day!

2 thoughts on “Gay Faulkenberry Workshop: Day 2

  1. Judith S. Warner says:

    I like your color “harmonies”–I wonder if you would share how you think about choosing a background color like this one?? Judy

  2. Hi Judith, not sure which of the four studies your question refers to, but in general in a still life I choose a background that is neutral/grayed, ad dark. this allows the foreground center of interest elements to take center stage.

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