Last day of the workshop. Boy, I’m exhausted. Here are my two studies today. When my notebook arrives (it’s with my art materials, coming home FexEx Ground), I’ll write a summary of what I learned.


Scottsdale Palms – Oil on Linen – 10×8 – $150 AVAILABLE


Apples & Grapefruit – Oil on Linen – 8×10 – SOLD

And, just so you know a master from a student (:-), here’s Gay Faulkenberry’s study:


Study by Gay Faulkenberry – 8×10

4 thoughts on “Gay Faulkenberry Workshop: Day 5

  1. Ed,
    Thanks for the nice compliment on my work. I’ve been to your site many times before and have always been impressed. I tried a few plien airs, but never have been happy with them unless I came backinto the studion and finished them up…corected them is more the truth. It’s great that you document these workshops. Wished I had the time to get one attended myself, but there always seeems like they are hard to committ to.

    Great work.


  2. Ed,
    I have been reading your wonderful, candid blog for several weeks. I, too, feel like a student painter and also teach, and have been enriched and inspired by your work and your words. Hope you don’t mind that your Cezanne and Iles quotes about being a student are on my web site. I also am listing your blog as a favorite link on my site. Thank you for sharing your painting life with other painters and with me.

    Cheryl Keefer

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