We painted still life setups outside today. Beautiful day, a little too warm in fact. I got bored painting still life, so painted two other artists. One painting of a yellow chair was just okay, so I wiped it.

This is my first still life of the morning, a quick small “warm-up” study.


Green Vase – Oil on Linen – 6×8 – $100 AVAILABLE
After painting another still life (yellow chair), and feeling bored, I wiped it and painted this of local (Tempe) artist/student, Gina. I’m pretty happy with this one.


Gina – Oil on Linen – 6×8 – SOLD
This was painting was done of Sue.


Sue – 12×9 – Oil on Linen

3 thoughts on “Gay Faulkenberry Workshop: Day 4

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge–I have already learned so much– and your frequent updates keep the inspiration going (I really need that as I am a very frustrated beginner). I enjoy your wonderful paintings!

  2. Hi Lisa, I don’t really teach right now. I do help organize a local group of plein air artists called the Verde Artist Guild. We try and schedule monthly free paint-outs. During those, I can give demos and also walk around and help people out. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, this is one option. Just sign up for the newsletter at this URL: http://www.verdeartistguild.com/signup/ If you I do offer workshops again, you’ll hear about it on this blog as I’m sure to announce it.

    I am glad to hear you’re learning from this blog! There is a lot of information available. If you live in the Bay Area, I can also recommend other teachers.

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