Today’s event was a public paint-out on the grounds around Mountain Springs Gold Course.  It seemed a bit out of the way to me, but ended up being surprisingly well attended.  My guess is there were between 60-100 people there.  Most were collector/ameture artists, which was great, because they asked very good questions (not the typical, “how long does it take you to paint that” query).

I did sell one today (“Golden Hour“), so that was a nice surprise when I came back to the gallery.
Here’s today’s setup.  Perfect weather, no wind, 68 degrees C.

Plein Air Painting Easel Setup Sonora CA

Today’s painting (of course, I couldn’t digitally scan as it’s wet, so the quality of the photo is just okay. I’m happy with it!

Mountain Springs Hillside – 8×6″ – Oil on Linen

A couple of participating artists, Kathleen Dunphy and Charles Waldman.
Group of plein air painters, Sonora CA

7 thoughts on “Gold Country Plein-Air: Day 6

  1. i totally agree with you about getting good questions. i’ve been doing some demos in rutland, vt lately and the questions fellow artists pose are really good. with the back and forth dialogue, i even pick up some good info.

  2. Ed – I can’t tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. I appreciate you willingness to share your experiences. Your paintings are always a source of inspiration for me. I am always amazed at your ability to convey the climate and even the temperature. I could have guessed it even if your hadn’t posted it. Looking forward to more – and congratulations on the sale.

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