It’s still raining here this morning (supposed to clear, keep your fingers crossed), so I spent the morning fixing the pond in “Mountain Springs Sunset”, and also framed the first three to deliver. Kris (the gallery owner) called this morning. Since it’s raining, she’s setting up still lifes in the gallery, so unless it clears, I could post a still life later. I do want to make it to the Tuolomne River sometime later today.

Gold Country Plein Air 07 - Sonora, CA - Ed Terpening
Here’s “Mountain Springs, Sunset”, with the pond re-worked:

6 thoughts on “Gold Country Plein-Air: First Delivery

  1. Way to go, Ed! The weather looks like you might have a green light on Saturday. Let’s hope so!

    Thanks for giving us all the low down on this trip. Feels like we are there!


  2. Ed, I finally found your blog… and it is worth it.. you have some truly great work up here. This piece with the beautiful sky and great sense of light is a delight.

    great work, Mike

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