It was a rainy, windy, gray day today; but I felt I really needed to get out and paint. So paint I did. Twice. Once interupted by a rainstorm, so waited it out and did another.

This is Crystal Springs, a beautiful reservour near our home.

Crystal Springs Study 1 – Oil on Linen – 10×8

Today’s pallette. Yes, I have a lot of colors on my pallette, but I certainly don’t use them all each painting. That’s key: stick with a few for each painting, but select the RIGHT few for the color harmony present.

3 thoughts on “Gray Day at Crystal Springs

  1. Ed….do you use ALL that paint? It seems, in comparison to the trompe pieces I’ve done, that you put down a lot on the pallete? And….you use a knife as well as a brush? I think its amazing to see the different set-ups! What type of easle is in the pic?


  2. No, don’t use all the paint (typically) in one sitting. I cover the remainder in plastic wrap, and it stays fresh for days–up to a week. Sometimes I do run out… In this study, I ran out of white and ultramarine blue, I believe. I do like to use lots of paint! I still don’t think I use as much as I’d like. Artists like Ken Auster and M.C. Mudy use the amount of paint I’d like to build to. You have to have real confidence to get to that level.

    I don’t typically paint with a palette knife. Sometimes I’ll do little bits here and there–if I need a really strait line (edge of a building, rigging on a boat).

    This setup is my OpenBoxM Pelican Pochade box. It’s a small one, 8×10 palette, I think. I’ve just ordered there new larger one, 12×16. My Solteck broke AGAIN, so I’m searching for a new portable that’s both reliable, lightweight, and big enough for larger outdoor paintings.

  3. Great to see the set-up Ed. And I was about to ask exactly the same question…….

    I’ve just highlighted your blog in my review of 2006 blog post on mine. It’s getting so big I’ve had to split it into two.

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