I received a nice note today from the “Friends of Hearst Castle“, inviting me to be one of 25 artists chosen to participate in their 2nd annual plein air invitational!  A percentage from the sale of the art benefits Friends of Hearst Castle’s artreach program for under-served youth at-risk. Here’s a web page with images from last year’s event.

It should be fun.  I’ve driven by the historic landmark numerous times, but never been on the property.  Do you have any tips?  What do you like most about Hearst Castle?

I’ll be painting there May 12, 13 and the show is June 5, 2010.  I’ll post more information as it becomes available.  I assume you can visit the landmark the two days I’m painting there to watch, but will confirm in January.

7 thoughts on “Hearst Castel Invitational

  1. What a fantastic opportunity! Congratulations! There are so many amazing scenes to paint there. Will they allow you to paint indoors? That would be heaven. If so, the indoor pool area would be my vote for a cool spot to paint!

    • I don’t know if they’ll allow us to paint doors, probably not. Most historic landmark buildings don’t allow oils (some water color). Also, last year’s paintings don’t seem to show anything indoors.

      I do think it would be interesting to paint a nocturne. I’ll hope for that!

  2. What a great opportunity to show your artistic gifts. The images from last year’s event are not particularly impressive, in my opinion. Why not focus on a small area of the grounds where you can capture architectural detail with your great sense of color? I’d love to see what you can do with the lines of a building contrasted with shades of color amid the natural beauty of the grounds. Showing the entirety of the castle itself is almost like a cliche. Think small. Good luck. I’ll be looking forward to your images.

    • I agree, last year’s work seem a bit mixed, but I hate to judge other artists! It was the first year. I definitely don’t want to paint post-card-like, cliche images. I will bring my own sense of the place.

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