Just a couple of paintings to post that haven’t made up yet. The first painting below was done last night at the sunset “Quick Draw” event. I painted fellow artist Janan L. Shannon. This work will be part of the silent auction fund raiser.

Artist in the Shade – Oil on Linen – 10×8″ (SOLD)

I loved the light on this scene, later afternoon, my favorite time to paint (after a nap, of course 🙂 I was going for a simple, strong graphic-like design.

Red Box Cars – Oil on Linen – 12×16

2 thoughts on ““Jewel By the Bay”, Day 4

  1. Carole Abla says:


    Congratulations on the work you have produced at the Verde Guild paint out! The paintings have been outstanding. My favorites so far have been “Bay Farm Island” and “Victorian on Pacific”…….until…..you posted “Artist in the Shade”! I am blown away by this one. It is so simple, clean and beautifully stated! Great job and good luck on the rest of the event!

    Your summer has been so productive and inspiring! Thank you for taking out the extra effort and time to share your experiences with us. The color information on you palette was great information to have. It has become addictive. My morning ritual has become coffee with Terpering! I think I have turned into a “Terpering “groupie”….hehe!


  2. Thanks, Carole! Happy to do it. I’m glad to see you recognized the quality I was going for in “Artist in the Shade”…I wanted a simple statement with bold color and design. I think it works, and glad to see it sold–it was actually the first painting to get a bid in the silent auction. Validation now and then helps 🙂

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