My blog has been silent for a week. I think that’s nearly a record. I’ve been thinking and catching my breath following the end of a long “plein air” season.

The season runs from roughly early Spring to Fall. In that time, I participated in events like Hidden Villa, Vahona, Estes Park and San Luis Obispo. A lot of work, but hey, it ended well. So it feels like the day after Christmas. All the hype and work leading up to a big day, and then… And then… That’s the thing. I’m not sure what’s next. I know I have a winter off of plein air shows to focus in my studio, which provides me time to rethink things, relax and decide where I want to focus.

I had a great dinner with Brent Jensen the other night, who–in 2006–has done an incredible job (with Steve) of building his career. He’s now in some of the most influential galleries in the country. He’s also a great painter.

So, should I leverage my recent wins, advertise the hell out of it and get into some high profile galleries? To be honest, I think the answer is no. I’ve always been insecure about my art–usually under-pricing work (according to other artists), not applying to the best shows, etc–and I still don’t feel I’m ready. Do you ever feel ready to really push your art?

As the days are noticably shorter now (and colder, less sun), I will sequester myself in my studio and continue to focus on becoming a better painter. I’ll experiment and have some fun. I hope you’ll stick around and enjoy. I know I’ll keep learning from you, all the artists around me. Can you share your experience? When did you decide to focus on Marketing and growing your career? Did you have an “a ha!” moment?

Ed Terpening San Luis Obisopo Plein Air 2006

Ed Terpening at San Luis Obispo Plein Air 2006


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