Even when I was a “full time” artist, I felt like–“when am I going to have time to paint?” I’ve got books, receipts, galleries to deal with, postcards, printers, ads, supplies to buy…yikes!

Now that I’m working part-time, the pressure to make money from art is off (hope the IRS isn’t listening…I should say less pressure). Seriously, it’s nice to not focus on galleries (I reduced my galleries from 5 to 2 this year, and perhaps one) and it’s working out well.

Click to enlarge–as if – from a favoriate blog – Gaping Void

5 thoughts on “Ever feel like this?

  1. Hi Ed,
    This post rings true to me. I am not an artist that is selling at the moment, but I paint as much as possible. I often feel this way as well and it hits especially hard now that the seasons are turning. Getting outside seems so much easier than finding the time at home to paint. Not sure why.

    Congrats on your success this past summer. I really enjoy your work and reading your blog.


  2. Hey Tim, You’re a Plein Air painter through-and-through if you find it easier to paint outside than in your studio. I go back-and-forth, which I guess is healthy. Believe me, by April, I’ll be eager to break out of my studio hybernation to travel and paint again.

  3. I think it has more to do with physically getting away from the house and all the distractions there and digging into the paint. I love my family to death but it’s tough to get some quiet time! Once I get a real “studio” space going I’m sure that will change. Studio painting is definitely easier on the brain than plein air. I look forward to achieving that healthy balance in my work.


  4. You should check out what one artist is doing to make a buck… his website is: 140thousandsquares.com
    Well I shouldn’t comment on his work except to say it is unnoteable .

    I too have a small part time job doing books and taking calls from an HOA. I work out of my home and many times it is time consumming and I find I spend more time in front of the computer then at the easel. Or what’s worse,I have time, but I have so much stress from this part time job, I’m not in a painting/creative mode.

    You have to have peace of mind, and be rested, I think, and if your worried about money, people’s expectation etc. even if you have some time you won’t be able to really get it together to pull it all off. I don’t have the answer, I wish we could all hire an agent and do away with the marketing aspect of our work. Hang in there. You work is very good.

  5. Shanti,

    Interesting site (140thousandsquares.com). I don’t think I need to do that, but it’s a creative idea. Balancing everything is tough. I remember a course/book that helped change my life, to find balance (Seven Healthy Habits of Effective People). I was working at Cisco Systems at the time–far too many hours (a “sweat shop” for white collar workers). This book helped me reprioritize and think differently altogether about work.

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