Like the previous painting (Sunset, Buena Vista Park), I started this coastal painting by laying in the most intense colors first, and working out. I followed this approach in a previous coastal ice plant painting a few weeks ago. I think this is similar to how I’ve seen some painters–particularly figuaritve–start with the center of interest and work outward. It’s just another technique to try.

I think the shadows may be too dark in value…I may try editing it in photoshop to see what it would look like lighter. A large contrast in value is not always needed to indicate strong, direct sunlight.

Coastal Ice Plant – Oil on Linen – 11×14″

4 thoughts on “More coastal ice plant

  1. I dunno, Ed. When this first flashed up on my screen, I immediately felt the bright summer sun at the coast. Lighter shadows might give it a bit more of a hazy day effect. Either way, it’s wonderful!



  2. Love the colors and brush strokes of this painting. The painting seems to be as if you can feel the sea breeze and smell the salt in the air. Love the red/orange of the vegation on the rocks as well.

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