I was in Santa Paula Christmas day, and painted this the day after. These trees were in the distance, I’m pretty sure they were not Sycamore’s (due to the dark bark), so something else. Does it matter? They’re subjects of color and form for us to use to create art.

This is largely a study in complementary colors, the yellow orange trees set against the distant hills.  The foreground was originally too defined and so distracted from the center of interest, so I just softened the brush strokes considerably, and flattened it out a bit.


Santa Paula Valley – Oil on Linen – 9×12″

12 thoughts on “More Fall Colors!

  1. Always a pleasure to see your work Ed. Wonderful color and dappled light. I sure wish the fall colors were still around in Richmond!

    By the way, hope you don’t mind that you’ve been tagged! 😉

  2. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for your encouraging comment on my worl! I am sorry, but I am mo longer participating in the “your tagged” movement. I have been tagged many times before and I don’t see the value in participating. I need the time to paint. Hope you understand.


  3. Hi, I’m new, very new, to oil painting and am stopping by some artist’s oil painting blogs that catch my eye and that I can learn something from. And I can’t believe how much there is to learn.
    I’m enjoying your work … I’ll return often.

  4. Luscious! I love the violet in the distance and the shapes are wonderful throughout. You could cut it up and make a puzzle with those major shapes…BUT DON’T 😉 Also, love the flash of light in the foreground and right side.

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