Dusk is my favorite time to paint–I’d like early morning too, but I’m not a “morning person”. This was done from a photo I took during the Golden Hour in Telluride, Colorado.

Telluride at Dusk – Oil on Linen – 10×8

10 thoughts on “Telluride at Dusk

  1. Can really feel that golden hour in this one, really stunning light capture Ed. And I like the way the rest of the shapes are arbitrary…you sort of know it’s a town below, but nothing too distracting from that gorgeous light which is your intended subject.

  2. Thanks everyone for your early comments on this one! I did keep as much of this study abstract as possible. I paint 90% of my paintings without my glasses, so I just see the big abstract shapes, colors and values. Then I’ll put my glass down to add just enough finishing touches to get certain objects to “read”, in this case for example, the cars. I’m not sure they read completely, but that’s okay as they’re only a stage for the center of interest, the last light on the mountain side.

  3. Nice job with this one!! I have a few reference photos of the exact same subject that I plan to tackle sometime soon – can’t beat the way the ornage light hits the wall of that box canyon =)

  4. It’s good to see you painting, Ed! I really love the colors in the shadow side of the mountain! The cools bring all that golden warmth to life on the mountain top.! Niiiice !!

  5. Great little painting Ed. I like the brushwork and color but especially how you made it look effortless. You really hit it here, the way you placed certain colors in the right places next to each other to make it POP. Just the right touch on those cars and stuff below.
    I also like painting without glasses and don’t even own a pair any more that work for me. I’m affraid if I get some that no one will like my paintings any more : )

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