This time of the year on the coast near home is the best. Little fog…good clear, crisp, cold days. This one was done today, and coincidentally, I’m painting tomorrow with Verde Artist Guild at Fitzgerald Marine Preserve tomorrow morning, starting at 9:30am. Join us!

Moss Beach

Moss Beach, CA – Oil on Linen – 12×16

Here’s today’s setup

Moss Beach, CA

5 thoughts on “Moss Beach – Sun!

  1. Good morning! I am very jealous…..what a georgeous day, place and painting! Life cannot get better than that! We don’t have quite the scenery in Kansas City….but the fall colors are beautiful now. You have really captured the crisp fall day…congrats! I discovered your blog quite by accident..and now I have to check it daily! Keep up the beautiful work.

    Question: I see you are using a soltek….as I HATE the palette supplied in mine….what have you done to adapt your palette, and how do you safely carry it onto location.

    Carole….from the land of “awhhhhhhhhhs”

  2. Ed….hi! Seeing you “set-up” I am wondering what you have found for the best way to travel with paints via airline. What is the easle you are using? Also, how do you clean off a wooded palete or do you use disposable. Sound like basic questions but I am sort of figuring it out on my own….this out of the studio stuff!


  3. Hi Deb,

    I use a couple of different outdoor easels. If I intend to work large scale, and don’t have too far to hike I use a Soltek. Most of the pros use them, but I have to tell you that although they’re much lighter than a French Easel, very steady in the wind, and overall very flexible, they’re also quite temperamental. I usually send mine back to their factory for repair about once a year. If I’m hiking and want a nice light setup, I use a portable pochade box by OpenBoxM. Really wonderfully made.

    I’ve tried disposable palettes, don’t like them! I use a special hardened acrylic, cut very large (I think about 28×30) and painted a medium value neutral gray underneath. I then place that on my Soltek easel and use a bungie cord to strap it down (needed on windy days, otherwise the palette makes a great sail!). I use the same large palette in my studio.

    Traveling is a pain, no doubt. When I drive, of course, it’s not a problem. When I fly, I ship my paints ahead of time via FedEx Ground. Sometimes, if I’m on a long trip, I’ll even have paint shipped from my paint supplier (Classic Artist Oils). I also ship my easel, canvas, etc. It’s so much easier to ship everything in advance and have it waiting for you (and it’s not expensive)! Of course you need an understanding hotel, so check with them in advance. I usually travel for my shows and ship the supplies to the gallery, so rarely have a problem.

    I have flown with my oils before. If you do, you need to get from the supplier (usually their web site) a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for each color. This proves to TSA inspectors that the product will not ignite/combust in flight. There is a rule “no oil paints” on board, but the rule is written for petroleum oils, not the type of oils we use (based on nuts like Walnut and vegetables). Most TSA folks don’t understand the difference, so pack the MSDA sheets right on top/with your oils. When I’ve done this, I haven’t had a problem.

    Happy travels!

  4. Hi Carole,

    Thanks for your complements on my work! Blogging is a lot of fun. I have readers all over the world (in fact, most of the people who read my blog are from outside the US).

    Yes, the Soltek palette is pretty worthless, although I’ve seen Kevin Macpherson and other artists use it. I like a really large palette. Check my blog post today as I’ll have a photo of my setup. I had a piece of hardened acrylic cut to order, then I paint the back with a medium gray tone. Cleans up easily and is big enough for lots of juicy piles of paint!

    By the way, I’m in the “Pheonix Gallery Topeka” in Topeka, Kansas. If you ever make it to Topeka, check it out.

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