I’m headed to Lake Tahoe next week for a painting and turkey stuffing!  I’m hoping for snow.  To brush up on painting snow, I painted this one yesterday (yes, had the day off to paint!).  I’m enjoying using lots of paint and melding a bit the techniques of Ovanes Berberian with Ken Auster, two of my influences.

Truckee River, Winter

Truckee River, Winter – Oil on Linen – 12×16″

3 thoughts on “Trukee River, Winter

  1. Hi Ed, I saw this over at the dailypaintersgallery.com and it really caught my eye. Deep, rich clean color, love the warm bushes against all the cool colors but mostly I like what you’re doing with the short staccato brushmarks. It’s creating a lot of energy and sparkle in this, also in Last Light ,Hillside, same kind of brushmarks. I think it’s working really well to convey all the shifting colors and light in both these scenes. Bravo! Happy Thanksgiving! (though I’m incredibly jealous that you’re off to Tahoe for the holiday LOL….enjoy yourself!)
    Happy Painting, Jan

  2. Wow! As soon as I saw this, I really took to it. The use of white really highlights and brings out this piece. Also love the contrasting greens, red and dark blues. I can almost feel the crisp cold mountain air. Great job!

  3. Nice! Fesh and spontanous. Not overworked one bit. Clean color. I have been trying snow scenes and…… well if you like overworked muddy snow then I have just the painting for you!

    Great work.

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