Arrived in Palm Springs today. Wow, great weather–85 degrees! The color and landscape here are such a nice change of pace from the Bay Area.

Murry Canyon (Palm Springs), Oil on Linen, 10×8

5 thoughts on “Murry’s Canyon, Palm Springs

  1. What perfect color choices you made. I grew up in California and will vouch for both locations!. You especially “got” the sun in Palm Springs. And I love (envy) the loose brush work.

  2. Ed,
    I’ve written twice before and am now following your Blog, almost daily.

    I am curious about your adventures…do you go from one workshop to another on a regular basis?
    ( Maybe you could clarify your goals and aspirations in your Heading or “About Me” )

    Also, I am still curious about the difference between the difference in the under-painting method between Camille and Ovane’s?

    I love the color and simplicity of your current paintings. Keep up the great work and writings.

  3. Hi Tom! This is a different year for me, one focused on study. Sales are always a necessity, but last year I discovered that 7 plein air events were too costly, lead to mostly mediocre sales, and very little growth. Growing as a painter is a better long term strategy. BTW, this seems to be an opinion held by many plein air painters I talk to. There’s always a place for plein air competitions–for example, especially when you’re getting started and want to connect with others and get your name out there. They’re great for that.

    As for Ovanes vs. Camille’s under-painting method: Ovanes’ underpainting wash is largely the correct/true “local” color of the object/plane, where as Camille’s is more the color of light, and she’s thinking ahead about what colors she’ll mix to finish the painting. Eg, Whereas Ovanes may underpaint the sky with a vibrant blue, Camille would start with something like a red or yellow, and may later work in blue on top of that.

    Refer to my palm tree painting in the last blog post as an example–see the reflected water? I started that with Permanent Rose and white, then later worked in White.

    Thanks for your encouraging words, Tom!


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