Still working on a new series of seascapes based on rocks/surf. Enjoying it, especially after a couple of weeks of no painting. My next painting trip at the end of the month is a workshop with Camille Przwodeck in Kauai, Hawaii. I’ll try to blog regularly from there as Camille is a great teacher.

Near Point Lobos – Oil on Linen – 11×14

7 thoughts on “Near Point Lobos

  1. Ed,
    thanks so much for your recent comment on my blog.
    This painting doesn’t look overworked. Beautiful rocks.
    Oh, how I would love to study with Camille. Every now and then I go to her website and try to entice her to Massachusetts for a workshop.
    I’ll be looking forward to your posts from the workshop.

  2. Howdy Ed: Nice Lobos. Go to “Tomato Can Brushes”. I think the artist’s name is Cooper Draggonette. I have a link and Bailey has one, and you probably know about his blog. Anyway, check out his latest seascapes of the east coast. I think they are killers.

  3. I like this more than your previous one. The broad brushstrokes in Point Lobos Wedge were distrating, as they didn’t quite seem to be dewcribing anything specific, unlike the other makrs you’d made on the waves and the rocks. Today’s painting however is stronger, and more expressive. You really seem to be getting to grips with this ‘rough’ brushwork, and it’s very appropraite to the rocks and the suft. I’m enjoying these very much.

  4. Aloha Ed

    Thanks so much for posting the series of demos. The workshop was great! The ability to revisit Camille’s & your paintings drives the lessons home a bit more. Since I didn’t have to travel, took the last few mornings to go out and practice. The influence the workshop had on my technique is amazing. We all had some wonderful break throughs. If your ever back on Kauai check in, and let’s go paint.
    Nice to meet you, wishing you many wonderful painting adventures!


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