Mike has a few weeks off between jobs, so we headed to Napa Valley for Valentine’s. We stayed a couple nights at Beazley House in Napa, a great B&B that accepts–no, loves–dogs! Gracie had a great time, running through vineyards and just hanging out with us. We spent a lot of money on wine, but hey, it lasts for years, so no big deal.

I painted this Friday morning. It’s a view from the backyard of Beazley House. I’d originally included a building to the left the obscured the lower half of the palm and other things that simply distracted from the center of interest, so today I repainted those areas. It really helped. Learning to simplify is so important, something I’m still working on.

Napa Valley Morning – Oil on Linen – 10×8″

Gracie wondering Rubicon, her favorite Napa Winery (owned by Francis Ford Coppella).

Fetch, Gracie!

6 thoughts on “A visit to Napa, Wine Country

  1. Ed Terpening,
    Yeah you’re alright, for an artist 🙂 Simply a magnificent, loose, color perfected artist. I’d like to follow you around and steal all your painting secrets. I’d like to paint in Napa Valley too! But seriously you’re great and that’s all I can say. THe paintings move me, especially Napa Morning Valley, lovely!!!!!!!!!!!
    Chris Bolmeier

  2. …so nice to actually see MIKE in a picture with the infamous Gracie! I’m a great fan of the art and an even bigger fan of MJE…He’s the BEST ain’t he? Still crazy after all these years….oh still crazy, after all, these years :0 ) Sara the Betrayer…

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