Wow, what a FANTASTIC day in San Francisco. I believe it was around 80 degrees (F). Mike and I had breakfast with good friends Sam and Phil, then we spent a few hours looking at open houses. We’re thinking of pulling up roots in Redwood City and moving to San Francisco, somewhere around Castro or Noe Valley. We find ourselves in the city a lot anyway, and had been thinking about buying a small weekend condo, but now thinking bigger.I was eager to get out and paint. I drove a bit around home and ended up at this favorite spot behind La Canada College. There’s a service road there that leads between the school and La Canada Road. The light was GREAT. So clear and warm (about 5PM, after we “sprang forward” for DST, so actually 6PM).

I’m going to start selling studies like this, unframed, from my blog. If you’d like this one, let me know ($150).

Off La Canada Road, Woodside CA

Off La Canada Road (Woodside, CA)

Oil on Linen – 8×10 –

4 thoughts on “Off La Canada Road

  1. Hi Ed! love this blog…and just found it. How does one sign up to receive it? Is this the tool to do that? I have loved your work for some time now and I am very pleased to have happened upon this blog. I look forward to receiving it for some time.

  2. Heidi Malott says:

    What a great painting Ed! It evokes such a wonderful mood! Enjoy that spring weather, it seems to be here also. ~Heidi

  3. Hi Louise. Glad to hear you’ve found my blog helpful. Blogs include a feaure called an RSS feed, which allows you to see updated posts. You can subscribe to my blogs RSS feed and get updates. You need a program called a “Newsreader” to get a feed.

    This is described on Wikipedia at Your PC may already be set up to accept feeds. Click on the “Entries RSS” link (below) to subscribe.

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