I’m taking time off to take advantage of the fantastic weather (sorry east coast, don’t mean to brag 😉  If the weather holds out, I’ll stay here until Sunday night.
I arrived late, so only had time for one quick study.  Drove around a bit, then found these dry-docked boats at the Stanford University Marine Center.  Late-afternoon light, my favorite.  I think I regret putting the sky in. I’ll have to live with this a couple of days to determine whether it was a good idea or not.  What do you think?


Dry Dock Twins – Oil on Linen – 9×12

5 thoughts on “Painting Trip – Pacific Grove

  1. I’d personally would chose to keep the sky, as it adds space by creating a third stage, the background, which in this case is nice in my opinion.
    And I like how the blue comes back in the colours of the boat.
    I don’t know the colours in real – of this painting 🙂 – but would you have liked the colour of the sky/top of the trees slightly more sunny to match the bright colours of the foreground?

    Have a good trip!

  2. Hey Bart: The color of the boat is white and blue. I think I “stretched” the shadow colors quite a bit, but I wanted to have fun! The trees behind are Monterey Cypress (very dark), which provided the perfect background for the boats in sun. There are some lights on the trees, but I played them down as I didn’t want that light competing too much with the other lights in the picture.

  3. Frank A. Edwards says:

    Ed…Love the looks of the new blog and the direction that you are taking with it. Could spend hours here…nice things going on! Bravo !!

    As for ” Dry Dock Twins “, after reading your reply (expanation) to Bart, IMHO, I think it is now a non issue. 😉 I think it makes a nice visual “resting spot”.

    Take care, Frank.

  4. Ed,

    One little trick I use is I will step back and hold part of my hand or finger outstretched in front of my eyes so I can see the entire painting but not see the questionable part. I then ask myself both what I expect to see there and what I want to see there. I did that with this painting, and I would expect to see more trees there, but it would give it a too symetrical look, so I want to see sky there. I vote for sky.

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