It was a beautiful morning yesterday, so I’m glad I got out to Golden Gate Park. I went to North Lake in what’s known as “the chain of lakes“, where 41st Avenue cuts through the park. I found there a couple of what I think were pine trees, yet they were turning brown/red, but had greens in as well. Pine’s don’t loose there leaves, do they? I hope they’re not dying…I don’t want a painting about the death of a pine tree! Oh well. Also, this is a new format for me, 10×12”, not quite a perfect square, which I like.

Fall in Golden Gate Park – Oil on Linen – 10×12

9 thoughts on “On North Lake, Golden Gate Park

  1. Beautiful painting.

    BTW, healthy pines do not lose their leaves but there are some deciduous needle bearing trees like Dawn Redwood and Larches which turn color and drop some or all of their needles.

  2. ed – the not-quiet-square format is what we call an ‘italian square’ (alot of windows in italy are thus)

    the gestures & brush marks are getting more co-ordinated & moving towards the natural, unforced (tho’ i bet you sweated!)

  3. Hey Ed . . . .Just checkin in. I am impressed with these trees. The color and value variation in them is beautifully accomplished. Adam is right about the strokes . . . .very natural and convincing. Wish I could be this good!

    Hope you are well.

  4. Thanks all regarding the brushwork. It is something I am working on. I hope it’s not too dark.

    I love painting Fall colors! I am off to the Yosemite area this weekend to paint and hope to see some great color.

  5. The colors in this really pop. Great use of value and color saturation in the foliage.
    I would add to Bill’s comment about conifers (“needle bearing trees”) that in the southeast (SC) we have cypress and tupelo trees that turn a beautiful rusty, red color before loosing their needles for the winter. I don’t think these trees grow in Calif., but a similar variety might.

    Nice one , Ed.


  6. Crystal Harling says:

    Ed, Are going to get over to the Haggin Muesum in Stockton on your way to Yosemite? i went yesterday and the The From the Heart Plein Air Painters Exhibit is excellent. Skip W. who you took the workshop with had one of my 3 favorites. Crystal

  7. Hi Crystal, I would love to see that show, but unfortuneately, something has come up and I am not able to attend the reception. I do plan to paint locally, perhaps at this same spot in Golden Gate park.

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