Saturday I spent time roaming around Buena Vista Park looking for something to paint, plein air. I found great views on the windy side, but it was too windy to set up. The side with no wind, no luck. So ended up coming back home and taking Gracie to the “Scent Garden”. Turns out the light was perfect, at home all along!

I’m really happy with this one. I keep a good combination of textures (heavy paint and transparent), and I think the feeling of light is just what I wanted to convey.

Window View – Oil on Linen – 10×8

7 thoughts on “Painting at home

  1. Darryl Kwan says:

    hey ed,

    i could swear your painting may have

    been painted in italy someplace..i enjoyed

    very much your telluride and trout lake

    paintings. gene and teresa gave me the cal arts

    painting at angel island as a christmas gift

    and it hangs in our (linda and mine) bedroom



  2. janette jones says:

    Really like this one, Ed! As a native bay area girl, your San Francisco paintings make me homesick. You capture the feeling of the city…your color is so unusual, just beautiful.

  3. Darryl, It’s great to hear from you. I really miss Erikson Gallery. It’s still the standard in how I evaluate my gallery relationship. Hope you and Linda are doing well.

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