Painting the sky is so much fun!  There’s a natural synergy between that subject and the tools of the painter, especially the brush.  The right-shaped brush can render the sky naturally, and the fluidity of paint adds to this perfect fit between subject and materials.  They’re also among the best subjects to create compelling compositions, because there are so few rules of structure that dictate them.  You can use clouds and openings in the sky as compositional devices. (BTW, I even found a “Cloud Appreciation Society”, with a section dedicated to painters!)

Some of my own favorite sky paintings include Casa Cosmos Sunet #3, San Luis Obispo Marsh, Colorado Drama, and Cloud Burst (Lake Tahoe).  Some of my favorite painters of the sky include Deborah Paris, Kevin Macpherson, Marc Hanson, Mark Kerckhoff, Terry DeLapp, and William Wray.

With my series of “high key” paintings, I’m painting subtle color/temperature transitions, which I think shows in this piece.

Sunset Calm, Oil on Linen, 12×16″



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